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Underwater Inspections

with the power of ROV

About Us

The company was founded with the vision to improve the traditional way underwater inspections are performed, where there is a high risk of human life. By using new technology and underwater ROVs, we want to eliminate this risk, where simple inspections can be conducted via remote operated vehicles without endangering a human life.

The company’s name was inspired from the Greek word «Hydro» which means water and from the word «Drone» which represents the unmanned vehicles which are operated remotely, also known as ROVs.


The underwater ROV can be used on multiple occasions.

Below we present some of the main categories where it can be applied providing immediate results.


Optimize vessels operations

Perform on the spot condition check on vessel's hull, anodes, sea chest, rudder and propeller for possible fouling marks.

Ports & Marinas

Safeguardings assets

Examine Ports' & Marinas' infrastructure as it important to be inspected regularly for condition monitoring.


Fish Farms assesment

Inspect any damages/cuts on nets for possible repairs. Check the fishes health and monitor their behaviour.

Research & Environment

Environmental monitoring

Monitor species, detect changes in the underwater environment, collect samples for testing and many more.

A more thorough view...


    Ocean shipping continues to be the primary transportation of billions of dollars in goods. Proactively manage your fuel efficiency by conducting regular ROV inspections of your hull to determine optimal cleaning and paint schedules.

    Hiring divers not only requires time and money, but also potentially puts people into dangerous situations. Our ROV can provide an efficient method to inspect multiple sea chests, inspect hulls and vessels which can be consistently monitored to optimize maintenance schedules and maximize performance.

    Monitor marine growth & minimize fuel consumption on a regular basis.

    Inspection of Ballast Tanks' condition without the need to empty them can prove to be an efficient & effective method of a random or targeted check prior a survey.

  • Ports and marinas are frequently visited by both leisure boats and larger vessels that carry both people and heavy load. Facilitation and management of these infrastructures is an important task to ensure that the traffic runs as normal. It's necessary to perform frequent underwater inspections on the harbour to ensure that moorings and other constructions are intact. Our ROV can also be equipped with tools to retrieve lost items underwater.

    Port authorities and border security professionals are able to perform an efficient hull inspection on every single vessel to pass through their waters without the need to send a human into the water, or incur the high costs and delay of dry-docking.

    Contraband inspections can be performed efficiently, regularly, and without risk to a human underwater.

  • With our underwater drone with a camera, it's easy to inspect the net for damages or check the health of the fish, ensuring that the mooring lines and the anchor points are secured to guarantee structural integrity. We can uncover discrepancies early and you can plan for further actions. The gripper attachment enables us also to retrieve lost tools or other objects in or around the pen.

    Take control of your net inspections and ensure effective cleaning and monitoring for wear and tear that could cause fish escapes. Get close to your fish and perform daily inspections.

  • Environmental monitoring may be carried out in many different ways, based on the goal for the research project. It may be mapping of marine litter, monitoring of coral reefs or inspections of a particular area to cover potential changes over a period of time. Our services with the use of ROV can assist you for following the activity and behaviour of fish, determine the health of plant life, monitor invasive species and detect changes in the underwater environment without having to send a diver into the water. Attachments can be available that could allow to use the ROV for collection of sediment and water samples for testing.

    We can arrive on-scene quickly, as our portable ROV is easy to be transported on any boat or vessel without worrying about an external power source, while still allowing the exploration of the depths of the oceans with long last battery life.

  • Perform frictionless underwater inspections at Water Reservoirs and Dams for tear & wear at structures and pipes.

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We use an innovative underwater ROV with a unique design & capabilities.

Live Streaming via Microsoft Teams

Live Streaming capability via Microsoft Teams app during the inspection process.

Get clear visuals and vital data directly to your device and on multiple spectators.

Reporting Tool

Report generated within few minutes after a dive, and distributed to all concerned parties.

Clear images directly into reporting system with the use of a mobile device.

Fast Engagement

Flexibility, manoeuvrability and fast actions enabled by the unique design of our ROV.

Battery powered operation for a truly portable solution.

Deployment within minutes while performing inspections efficiently.

Cost Saving

Lowering significant the cost by conducting a budgeted inspection.

By utilizing the portability of the ROV we can quickly prepare an attendance by reducing the time to minimum possible & consequently minimize the cost with the limited resources needed overall for the operation.

“Buoyed by water, he can fly in any direction—up, down, sideways—by merely flipping his hand.

Underwater, man becomes an archangel.”

~ Jacques Yves Cousteau ~


Below are highlighted some of the most frequently questions we have been asked. Meantime, we are happy to reply to any other enquiry you may have and is not answered so far.

  • 01 Why choose us?

    We provide flexible solutions with our portable ROV and fast engagement upon a request for underwater inspection.

    We minimize the time needed since there is no human involved in the dive, hence the pre-check paperwork is reduced.

  • This is just a general misunderstanding. Divers can use the ROVs as a tool which can safeguard their divings.

  • There is no risk for polution since the ROV is operated with a detachable battery on a sealed, waterproof & secured compartment.

    In addition, as there no need for gas-powered generators or on-site power, it makes it even more energy efficient with less enviromental impact.


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