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This Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use only apply to the website www.hydrone.gr, which belongs to the company “NIKOLAOS SARMPANIS GEORGIOU” with the distinctive title “HYDRONE”, which is based in Piraeus Attica (hereinafter referred to as the Company).

Access to the website, the use of its content and the reception of the Company’s services are subject to the conditions of use as described below (hereinafter referred to as “Terms”). By visiting our website, using its information and applications, and receiving the Company’s services, you agree to these terms. Therefore, if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy and the Terms, do not use our website because by entering and using it you clearly consent to process some of your personal data through the website. This Privacy Policy and Terms may be modified or changed at any time and the Company may refuse access without notice.


The Company may collect information and personal data of our website`s users through electronic forms of communication. The services provided by the Company are directed exclusively to adults and we do not knowingly collect information from – and for – minors (children).


Every time you visit the website and / or use its applications, the Company may collect and use personal data. Part of this data is necessary for you to access the website and use its services. Another part concerns the data you provide by submitting any request to our Company through the website. The recipient of these data is solely the Company and we will only use them either for the purpose of making your browsing experience on our website better or, if you submit any request to us through our website, we may, of course, contact you about it and ask for some additional details, such as name, address and telephone, or other necessary clarifications. This data will not be disclosed to third parties without your consent unless required by the Authorities. This data will be retained with your consent in our files for a short period of time, if it is required to meet your request. Make sure that your details are accurate, as it is your responsibility, because otherwise it can be deleted. If you are not an adult, you should consult your legal guardians before submitting any personal information about you through the website. You understand and agree that the Company may need to disclose some of this data to third parties in order to comply with applicable law, such as in a court proceeding. However, the Company will not share your data with any third party or use it for any commercial and promotional purposes unless, you expressly consent to these purposes.

In any case, you have the right to access, modify, update, correct or delete your personal data in accordance with the general data protection regulation (GDPR), considering that in some cases data deletion can make it impossible to provide any services. You can exercise your above rights free of charge, as well as revoke your consent by contacting the Company at the following email address: info@hydrone.gr under the title “PRIVACY”. If you are not satisfied with our response, you can also contact the competent authority, by using the online complaint forms provided at www.dpa.gr.

The Company uses all necessary means to protect the security and privacy of any personal data collected from its website in accordance with applicable law. However, the Company does not control the Internet and/or its functions, so there is always a potential risk for any data transmitted through it. If you send any request to the Company via email, we strongly advise that you do not broadcast any confidential information and, if you choose to do so, you accept the full risk of such confidential information being intercepted, misused or altered by third parties. We make every effort and have taken all necessary means to reduce the risk of unauthorized access and misuse of your personal data, by using encryption technologies for example. However, no system is guaranteed to be safe from malicious third-party actions.


Our website will not ask you to provide contact information for promotional and promotional purposes. Your details (only the name, e-mail, subject of your communication interest and your message) are only registered on your own initiative in the online contact form on our website and is this information is only used to process your request to our Company. If you send a request to contact us through our website, we may, of course, be asked for additional details, such as name, address and telephone, and may contact you for necessary clarifications.


The Company may use cookies to provide you with classified information each time you access the website, as well as to facilitate the management of the website and its use by you. However, we do not use third-party cookies, for advertising and promotion of third-party suppliers. When you enter our website, you are requested to click a consent or no-consent button, after you have been informed about the use of cookies. By consenting to the use of cookies you also consent to the related processing of the personal data collected this way and you authorize the storage of such cookies in your browser and their use by the Company for the purposes mentioned above. In any case, you can revoke your consent at any time by modifying the relevant electronic settings of your search engine, as well as simply deleting them from your search engine and computer. You can learn about the functionality of cookies in the most popular browsers in the following links:

• Internet Explorer (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/17442/windows-internet-explorer-delete-manage-cookies)

• Mozilla Firefox (https://support.mozilla.org/en/kb/ap-energopoihsh-cookies-katagrafh-protimhsewn?redirectlocale=el&redirectslug=energopoihsh-apenergopoihsh-cookies-parakoloy8hsh-protimhsewn)

• Chrome (https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/61416?hl=en)

• Safari (https://support.apple.com/kb/PH19214?locale=it_IT&viewlocale=en_US)

• Opera (https://help.opera.com/en/latest/web-preferences/#manageCookies)


This website does not provide the service of subscribing to a newsletter mailing list, as the Company does not keep any such lists.


The information contained in this website (including texts, images, sounds, logos and generally any kind of data, hereinafter referred to as the “Content”) as well as the website itself, is protected by intellectual property rights and remain at the exclusive ownership of the Company, which reserves all rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents and any other intellectual property rights) regarding all information provided on or through the website (including texts, graphics and logos). The trademarks and logos of the website are the Company`s property. No reference used on the website may be considered as conveying any rights to you with respect to our logos and trademarks.


The Company reserves the right to modify and/or suspend at any time, occasionally or permanently, all or part of the website, correct the information available to it or improve it without prior notice. The Company bears no responsibility for modifying, suspending or terminating the website. In order to prevent computer viruses or other malicious programs, the Company will make every effort to implement those technical measures that are compatible with current standards. However, given the structure of the Internet and the speed with which it evolves, the Company is not able to provide any guarantees as to the complete absence of viruses or other malicious programs. Therefore, in order to reduce the risks, it is your responsibility to regularly backup your data before connecting to the Internet, as well as to install the appropriate antivirus programs.


In accordance with the applicable law, you explicitly acknowledge and agree that the website is offered to you “as is” and is accessible according to its availability. You also acknowledge and agree that, when using the website, you take full responsibility and risk. The Company does not provide any promise or warranty that the website will perform in an expected manner, without interruptions and errors, nor that these will be repaired. The Company will not be held responsible for any damages your computer may suffer. The Company does not control the functions of the Internet and reminds you that there is a likelihood of risk for any confidential data transmitted through it or via email and in receiving whatever information you want to reach the Company. To the extent permitted by applicable law, the Company disclaims all liability for any kind of direct or indirect damages that may arise from the use of the website (or its inability to use or transmit information). In addition, the Company assumes no responsibility for any services you access via the Internet and for any damages that result from the use of the website which is not in accordance with the Terms of use. The Company makes every effort to ensure that all content and information displayed on the website are accurate, clear, complete, up-to-date and available. However, he does not guarantee and therefore is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the user and/or any third party, using information contained in this website. No part of the content of the website is, and cannot be considered in any way, directly or indirectly, to be instruction, advice or incitement to any act or omission. Instead, you expressly acknowledge and agree that it is up to you and at your discretion, to act on your own and that your actions are based on your personal judgment, excluding any liability of the Company.


The website may include active links to other Internet sites (mainly related to the subject of the Company) without assuming responsibility for their content. The presence of active links on the website does not in any way mean that the Company controls or approves their content, as you have access to them at your own discretion and responsibility.


These Terms of Use are governed by Greek law, as well as the GDPR in respect of personal data. Any litigation arising out of the use of the website falls under the jurisdiction of the Greek courts, those of Piraeus in particular. These terms are an agreement between the visitors of this website (i.e. you) and the Company regarding the use of the website and supplement any other possible agreement between us. The Company may modify the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy without prior notice. Each modification will be dated to the last version and once the changes are published on the website, it is automatically considered to be unconditionally accepted by you. The Company will notify for any changes, but it is your responsibility to visit and periodically review the website for any changes.